Stengthening the pillars of education with latest technology oriented educational solutions.

Radius System is certified , qualified and fully equipped to provide a 360 degree, latest technology based educational solution to your institution. Our main aim is to provide you support and help you elevate the standard of education in your institution , develop more effective schooling programs and help students achieve high and quality results.

Ever since starting its operations in 1997, Radius Systems has aimed at providing the best and world class hardware and software solutions to the ever growing and rapidly innovating technology market in India, mostly important bring the education sector where technology plays a major role today.

Offering a range of services to implement innovation in education sector

From primary schools to widespread university campuses, we, at Radius Systems want you to have the best quality educational solutions in your institution and are at your service!

Some of the services provided by us are mentioned below:

  • Special offers for the education market – for Institutional buying, educators and students.
  • Apple workshops for understanding the benefits of Macs and iPads in institutions.
  • Creating an all new, customized campus solution to integrate our educational solutions with your existing IT infrastructure.
  • Complete backend support and service solutions for education institutions
  • Data migration services
  • Deploying wikis, blogs, iCals, Mobile Device Management

And much more...

We firmly believe that the correct mixture of innovative minds with the support of the latest technology can turn produce world class results, so here we are to take your educational solutions to an all new level with the latest Apple Technology.